US & Canada to Iron out Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

New threats are driving the US and Canada to reconsider the 1972 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement that lays the original milestones for restoring and then protecting the chemical and biological make up of the Great Lakes.

It only took two decades to out-date the latest version of the Agreement as new invasive species, chemicals and pollution seeped into our fresh waters. During the same era, our understanding of the region’s environment grew and also made the former agreement a bit anachronistic. Add in the predictions associated with climate change and it becomes real apparent real fast that we need to get back together and create a new action plan.

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said at the centennial of the Boundary Waters Treaty, “We look forward to working closely with state, provincial, and local governments throughout Canada, as well as other stakeholders, in the coming months to produce an agreement that reflects our best knowledge and our unshakable commitment to preserving this vital natural resource.”

Now is certainly the time for this kind of work if we want to preserve one of the most important natural resources to our survival.

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