US Supreme Court Makes No Move to Stop Asian Carp

For the second time in two weeks, the US Supreme Court chose not to deal with the state of Michigan’s request for an injunction to close the locks that threaten to let the Asian Carp into Lake Michigan via the Chicago Sanitary and Shipping Canal.

Since lodging the lawsuit to stop the carp, New York, Wisconsin, Ohio and Minnesota have joined Michigan, while Indiana and Canada have shown support. In a letter to the President, fifty members of Congress also asked for the locks to be closed and for consideration of a more permanent separation of the basins. Even some Illinois lawmakers agreed by signing their names, but President Obama has sided with Chicago (but then we know the depth and entanglement of Chicago political roots). Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has asked Great Lakes residents to show their support by signing an e-petition that will be sent to President Obama in hopes of changing his mind.

The courts are closed on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. day and there has been no indication as to whether they will choose to take up the injunction or even decide to take up the case on Tuesday. Perhaps, Sen. Dick Durban (D-Ill.) was right when he pleaded with the Great Lakes states to deal with this in Congress instead of in the courtroom. It would seem that we would get a less political decision out of the courts but time is of the essence and urgency is not part of the US Supreme Court’s culture.

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One Response to US Supreme Court Makes No Move to Stop Asian Carp

  1. Cynthia L. Leet says:

    I have a dream of seeing the Great Lakes as they were 200 years ago. Of course, that is impossible.

    Inaction is a decision, albeit the wrong one. I guess I will write to my Senators and Congressman. I already expressed my sadness about this to the Supreme Court.