Supreme Court Rejects Second Attempt to Close Chicago Locks

The Supreme Court once again decided not to close the locks as a temporary way to halt the advance of Asian carp into the Great Lakes. The courts will still be deciding whether or not to reopen the century old locks case in April that Michigan and six other Great Lakes states have brought against Illinois.

“Our motion was an extraordinary attempt to protect the Great Lakes, but we felt it was necessary to because the Court deserved to have access to the new DNA and economic information before making a decision,” said Michigan AG Mike Cox. “

Cox brought a renewed request to close the locks after new eDNA evidence revealed the fish are in Calumet Harbor at the very mouth of Lake Michigan. The Courts rejected the injunction for a second time yesterday.

“We will continue to focus on the reopening of the diversion case in April, with the goal of developing an effective plan to protect the entire Great Lakes region from the devastating threat of Asian carp,” stated Cox.

On April 16, the Court will review the request for hearings focused on a long-term solution that would involve separating the Mississippi River basin from the Great Lakes basin.

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