Michigan Sues Illinios Over Carp

It is now official, Michigan is suing to force the closure of the O’Brien Lock and Dam in the Calumet-Sag Channel, the Chicago Controlling Works in the Illinois River and the permanent seperation of the artificial link between the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes Basins.

“The actions of Illinois and federal authorities have not been enough to assure us the Lakes are safe,” Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox said yesterday in a news release. “That’s why the waterways must be shut down until we are assured that Michigan will be protected.”

Noah Hall, previously of NWF, thinks Michigan has a strong case because it is reopening a 100 year-old case from when Chicago first reversed the flow of the Chicago River to direct its sewage toward the Mississippi. Hall told Greenwire that the court is likely to weigh the economic consequences of closing the locks for the shipping industry against the impact the Carp will make on the economy of the region if they enter the lakes.

How the court rules on the preliminary injunction will provide some idea as to how they will view the larger case. The preliminary injunction ruling is likely to come in late December or early January.

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