Carp eDNA in Lake Makes Meeting with the President More than Necessary

The Asian Carp eDNA has been found in the Calumet Harbor at the mouth of Lake Michigan, past the O’Brien Locks and the Electric Barrier, meanwhile the Supreme Court has failed to force the closure of the locks and has until mid-February before it will decide whether or not to hear the suit brought to it by six Great Lakes States in an effort to stop the voracious carp from getting a foothold in the Great Lakes ecosystem.

The Great Lakes Governors have called on the US President to hold a summit with them to address this most urgent issue. So far the Obama Administration has shown support for Illinois and for keeping the locks open. The Army Corps said yesterday that they do not intend to close the locks.

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, who has been leading the court challenge to try and close the locks, reacted to the news that fish eDNA was found in the lake.“Michigan residents are outraged that President Obama’s administration and Illinois officials refuse to take immediate action despite continued and escalating evidence of an immediate threat.”

“If Illinois and the US Army Corps don’t want to temporarily close the locks, then they need to tell the country what steps they will take, including the preparation for permanent separation of these watersheds,” said Jeff Skelding, national campaign director for HOW. “We can’t wait another two months let alone another two minutes to know how one-fifth of the worlds fresh surface water will be protected from these monsters.”

So, now we sit and wait for Washington and Illinois, while the Carp proliferate in our Lakes.

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2 Responses to Carp eDNA in Lake Makes Meeting with the President More than Necessary

  1. Susan Remson says:

    Can you tell what eDNA is? I have not seen this term elsewhere and although I appreciate that finding DNA in Lake Michigan is a significant finding, what do you mean by e-DNA?

    Thank you.