Asian Carp Barrier Act

A monster is knocking at the door of the Great Lakes. We’re looking to Congress to bolt that door shut for good. After escaping from fish farms along the southern Mississippi River, Asian carp have been heading toward the Great Lakes ever since. Asian carp are now thought to be within 50 miles of Lake Michigan.

The threat to our family experiences like fishing and boating on the Great Lakes is real. Forget cutting your feet on zebra mussels; imagine having your teeth knocked out after getting clobbered by a flying 40-pound Asian carp. And the fragile Great Lakes ecosystem will receive the ultimate knockout blow when the voracious filter feeders literally suck the life out of the lakes.

The only thing standing in their way is an electric barrier in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal. Unfortunately Congress has failed to protect the Great Lakes by never fully authorizing this project. It’s past time for Congress to fully authorize the operation and maintenance of this critical barrier at full federal expense. Nothing short of our way of life is at stake.

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