The Dust Bin of History

Eighteenmile Creek was part of the historic Erie Canal that brought people and commerce to Western, New York in the early 19th century, but now it suffers from years of neglect. The waters have long a haven for sport fishing enthusiasts who flock to the area by the thousands during the fall salmon runs. Too bad none of the fish are edible as they are loaded with PCBs. This AOC suffers from its proximity to the heavily industrialized town of Lockport and the vast swaths of orchards and crop lands the send run-off into the waters. Mercury, Dioxins, DDT, Lead and copper have been found in the sediments of Eighteenmile creek which then make their way into Lake Ontario. The key to cleaning up our Great Lakes lies in taking care of our rivers and watersheds.

To read more about this Area of Concern, click here to go to the EPA’s website.

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