Hot off the Press, the EPA Issues Outline for GLRI Work & Spending

Zebra Mussel Encrusted Meter, Michigan City Ind.

Zebra Mussel Encrusted Meter, Michigan City Ind.

President Obama’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative still has to be approved by the US Senate, but the EPA isn’t wasting any time framing a five-year strategy to address the most pressing problems affecting the health of the Great Lakes. More importantly, the EPA is coming to a city near you in the coming weeks to find out how to prioritize the work in your area based on the local context.

The EPA’s Great Lakes Multi-Year Restoration Plan outline is based on the 2005 Great Lakes Restoration Strategic Plan. The document is a framework for discussion at the 8 public meetings that starttoday, July 21 in Milwaukee and run through August 4.

The four focus areas in the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative include: toxic substances and the Areas of Concern, invasive species, near shore health and nonpoint source pollution, and habitat restoration. The EPA will be holding public meetings to learn about the local context -what issues need to be prioritized in a given area – as well as the best methods for addressing these problems.

Please attend if you can because the EPA needs your feedback. This is an opportunity to affect the priorities, goals, even actions taken to meet the goals. HOW is also collecting comments from Coalition members on the draft action plan. If you would like to take part in this please email them to CLORD@NPCA.ORG by July 29.

For those who can’t attend Milwaukee’s meeting tonight you can view it on webcast: :

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