Gas Be Gone!

Ever bit into a fish, or took a swig of water and suddenly taste gasoline? Well, if you haven’t you should try the local fish or drink from the tap in the neighborhoods around Muskegon Lake in Michigan. Flanked by paper mills, foundries, petrochemical companies and heavy industry, the lake floor is covered in high levels of nutrients, solids and toxins that have diminished oxygen in the deeper waters. Because the Muskegon River flows through the lake before emptying into Lake Michigan the lake becomes a holding cell for lots of chemicals and toxins – all the stuff you never want to flavor your drinking water or spice up your fish dinner. But that is just what has happened, while residents have rallied around the lake since the late ‘80s and worked hard to fix the problems, there is still much to be done and another round of GLLA funding would be very helpful.

To read more about this Area of Concern, click here to go to the EPA’s website.

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