Don’t Let Asian Carp Eat Our Funding

The last thing we want to happen is for the Asian carp to continue to eat up dollars meant to develop projects and provide jobs that will restore the Great Lakes and revive the region’s economy, but so far, the only budget government has used to fight the fish is ours.

Last year, when the Asian carp invasion reached Cuban Missile Crisis proportions, the government moved $78 million out of the $475 million approved for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to fight back the invasive species.

“The Asian carp issue came to us very fast and furiously, thank goodness for the restoration initiative we were able to put it to use, but we don’t want the Asian carp initiative to cannibalize the GLRI,” said Great Lakes Czar Cam Davis before adding, “We are going to try and move it into agency base budgets.”

On top of that, we have to aggressively fight the fish or else the restoration work we use GLRI dollars to do will be for naught.

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