Clean Our Water and Improve Our Economy

In 1975, PCB’s were discovered in Waukegan Harbor sediments and fifteen years later 1 million pounds of contaminated soil were removed, but they left behind enough PCB’s to warrant a new warning on fish consumption in January 2006. The new advisory cautioned against eating more than one fish dinner a month because of “elevated levels of PCBs.” The first obvious question is – why did it take 15 years to address the problem? The next question is – why did the dredgers leave any behind? What were they thinking? Especially now that we know that the dredging allows cargo ships to significantly increase their loads and that cleaning up the AOC would mean residential property values would increase by as much as $333 million, according to the Midwest Institute. What is the hold up?

To read more about this Area of Concern, click here to go to the EPA’s website.

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