Arsenic: It Isn’t Just for Rats Anymore

It is only natural to want to swim in the Menominee River or spend an afternoon fishing, but beware of side-effects. If you begin to feel lightheaded or your headaches you better rush to the ER because you are probably suffering from arsenic poisoning. And if that doesn’t kill you, just wait; it can lead to cancer and a number of other annoying ailments. The Menominee River was used as a dumping ground for arsenic by Ansul Fire Protection Company (herbicide producers) from 1957 to 1977! Local business also tossed in paint sludge, coal tar, mercury, PCB’s, oil and grease – no wonder you can’t eat the fish or hang out at the beach – who would want to?

To read more about this Area of Concern, click here to go to the EPA’s website.

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