Press Coverage of President Obama’s 2015 Budget and the Great Lakes

President Obama budget for fiscal year 2015 came out last week, and both the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the Clean Water State Revolving Fund received cuts. Below is a compilation of press coverage on the President’s budget and how the cuts would hurt the Great Lakes.


The GLRI was started by President Obama to provide funding to help restore and protect the Great Lakes. In its first year of funding, in 2010, the GLRI received $475 million. Over the last few years the funding levels have dropped to $300 million. In 2015, Obama proposes funding the GLRI at $275 million—a cut of $25 million from current funding levels, and a drop of $200 million from where the program started out.


The Clean Water SRF was started in 1987 to help communities address critical, but costly, sewage infrastructure projects. The CWSRF provides low interest loans to communities and the repayment is put into the fund to support future sewage investments around the United States. President Obama proposed a $430 million cut to the program, bringing it down from $1.44 billion in 2014 to a proposed $1 billion. Great Lakes states receive 36% of the total CWSRF funding.


Press Clips

With boost at border, Obama budget offers ups, downs for WNY
Roads, bridges gain, but not lakes, heating

By Jerry Zremski
Buffalo News Washington Bureau Chief


Obama budget seeks cuts in Great Lakes program

By John Flesher
AP Environmental Writer


President Obama’s budget document would boost NASA Glenn, shortchange Great Lakes cleanup

By Sabrina Eaton
Plain Dealer Washington Reporter


After cutting Great Lakes cleanup budget, EPA says it still supports the effort

By Stephen Koff
Plain Dealer Washington Bureau Chief


Obama budget slashes Great Lakes funding
Ribble, Baldwin say they will fight the planned cuts

By Donovan Slack
Gannett Washington Bureau


Environmental Groups Respond To Proposed Cuts In Great Lakes Restoration Funds
Advocates Say Program Helps Cities Improve Sewers, Wastewater Treatment Plants

By Chuck Quirmbach
Wisconsin Public Radio


Obama’s federal budget includes Detroit courthouse repairs, but no bridge aid

Todd Spangler
Detroit Free Press Washington Staff


EPA director: What’s in Obama’s budget for the Great Lakes?
Gina McCarthy acknowledges it’s a tough budget but celebrates Great Lakes victories

by M.L. Schultze


Ecosystem projects take budget hit — but it could have been worse

By Annie Snider
E&E reporter


Now is not the time to cut federal funding for Great Lakes

Detroit Free Press


Obama’s budget: More politics than policy, it still has some pluses

Pittsburgh Post Gazette


Obama’s budget: It’s more of a political than a policy blueprint, but it includes some good ideas that ought to become law

Toledo Blade


Proposed cuts to Great Lakes programs a very bad deal

The Marquette Mining Journal


Pathway to prosperity includes some potholes: President’s budget would affect Western New Yorkers in mixed ways

The Buffalo Spectrum


Same-sex marriage, war against blight in Flint and Obama’s budget proposal make political headlines

By: Jack Lessenberry
Michigan Radio


Our view: Orchids and onions

Herald Times Reporter


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