What is Taking so Long?

Do you hear that rhythmic thumping, drumming sound? That is the sound of our collective fingers tapping in anticipation of a new Great Lakes Czar. President Obama promised this to us during his campaign for the presidency and then he provided for a post in his budget. Both houses of Congress have passed the budget so what’s holding things up? The Chesapeake Bay and Anacostia River have their coordinator: Charlie Fox – is it just because those waters flow through the District that they get priority?

HOW has sent a letter to EPA head, Lisa Jackson and CEQ’s Nancy Sutley imploring them to exert themselves and appoint someone to see through our multi-year Great Lakes restoration plan.

“With 141 federal programs, one person must be in charge to ensure that taxpayer dollars are being well spent on activities that result in environmental – and economic – improvement. Our preference is for this person to be at the Council on Environmental Quality. We also believe that it is important this person be put in place soon and given adequate authority to direct resources to where they are needed most – on-the-ground restoration and protection of the Great Lakes,” the letter states.

We really have been more than patient, but restoration can’t wait, our region’s economy can’t wait. Every day that goes by the Lakes get a little sicker and move that much closer to the precipice that towers above the land of no return. Until then, thump, da, da, thump, thump, da, da, thump…..get the picture?

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