Restored Great Lakes Will Attract Business, Industry, Investment

Industry supports the recommendations of the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration Strategy that will lead to the restoration of the Great Lakes Region.  A healthy ecosystem and a strong economy are two key elements to the sustainable development of the Great Lakes. Federal funding of the Strategy’s recommendation is vital to the Great Lakes ecosystem and the business and industrial future of the Region.

An example of specific environmental improvements that can improve the Region’s attractiveness to business is specific improvements to sewer system infrastructure in the Great Lakes.  Expanded treatment capacities for sewer systems can not only eliminate some beach closings but can also provide attractive opportunities for industrial investment.

The Great Lakes Region must be attractive to investment from outside the region. Our Region can no longer rely on sufficient capital from within the Region.  We must attract outside investment to create high value-added jobs the Region needs. We need to make ourselves attractive to outside capital by offering a highly skilled, committed workforce, dependable governance, a supportive infrastructure and an attractive environment where people will want to live and work.

The recent Brookings Institution’s study, Healthy Waters, Strong Economy, The Benefits of Restoring the Great Lakes Ecosystem, has given us an economic return analysis that is critical to our ability to attract the investment necessary to pursue ecosystem restoration and sustainable development. 

George H. Kuper
President and CEO
Council of Great Lakes Industries

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