Weekly News Roundup: Wolves, Farm Bill, and More

Hey everyone. In case you missed it, here are some of the stories from the past week in Great Lakes conservation.


The Mining Journal reports that park officials on Isle Royale are considering potential strategies for managing the island’s wolf population, which has shrunk to nine. Officials have ruled out bringing in new wolves to increase the population’s low genetic diversity.


The recent Farm Bill passed by Congress is a victory for conservationists, according to the Tri-Valley Dispatch. While the new bill has decreased funding for conservation programs, it also incentives farmers to use best practices and protect wetlands.


An editorial in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel supports the state DNR’s decision to alter its management strategy of the invasive ash borer. The new strategy shifts the focus from eradicating the beetle to controlling its populations.


Residents of the islands in Lake Erie have been reconnected with the mainland now that ferries are able to operate in the lake again, reports the Toledo Blade. The ferry season opened unusually late this spring after the winter brought some of the heaviest ice in years. Essential supplies on the islands, such as fuel, had started to run low.


IdeaStream reports that the nonprofit organization LEEDco is making their final pitch to receive funding from the U.S. Department of Energy for a proposed wind on Lake Erie. The Energy Department is looking to develop an offshore wind farming industry in the U.S., and LEEDco is competing with five other companies for the funds. The proposed farm would be seven miles from Cleveland’s coast.

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