Weekly News Roundup: Sturgeon Spawning, Algal Blooms, and More

Hey everyone. In case you missed this last week in Great Lakes conservation news, here’s a recap:

Volunteers have begun to guard the Black River in Michigan to prevent illegal take of spawning lake sturgeon, reports the Great Lakes Echo. The river will be guarded until early June.

The Huffington Post reports on the historic Mutual Aid Agreement between the governors and premiers of the Great Lakes states and provinces. The agreement is designed to combat the spread of invasive species through the Lakes, particularly the Asian carp.

The nonprofit organization LEEDco did not receive the grant they requested to develop a wind farm on Lake Erie, according to WKYC. The organization had hoped it would be one of several wind energy firms awarded a $40 million grant from the Department of Energy; instead, it was given a grant of $3 million.

The Buffalo News reports that the state of New York is getting proactive about fighting harmful algal blooms before they reach eastern Lake Erie. Senator Charles Schumer, speaking from Buffalo, called on both the EPA and the Department of Agriculture to enact greater protections on the lake and to provide assistance to local water treatment plants and farmers in preventing these blooms.

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