Weekly News Roundup: Nutrient Runoff, Ash Borers, and More

In case you missed this past week in Great Lakes conservation news:

The Toledo Blade reports that farmers in the counties surrounding western Lake Erie will receive government funds to help reduce fertilizer runoff. According to the Columbus Dispatch, reducing the phosphorus found in this runoff would significantly and rapidly decrease harmful algal blooms.

The Lake County News-Sun reports that Waukegan will be replacing over 100 infected ash trees. Waukegan lost 4,000 ash trees to the emerald ash borer, an invasive species of beetle. The current installation will be the first step towards replacing their ash population.

The Ohio EPA will hold a public hearing into the proposed removal of the Ballville Dam, according to the Toledo Blade. Environmental groups say removing the dam will restore the Sandusky River and enhance fish habitat and spawning grounds. , However, others claim that removing the dam would allow sediment contaminated with phosphorous, a key contributor to harmful algal blooms, to enter Lake Erie.

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