Weekly News Roundup: Lake Pollution, Oil Pipelines, and More

In case you missed this past week in Great Lakes conservation news…

The Associated Press reports that two Enbridge oil pipelines running through the Straits of Mackinac will receive additional support structures. This comes after the oil company acknowledged that the decades-old pipelines were partially out of compliance.

Great Lakes Echo reports that Michigan’s Deer Lake may soon be taken off the polluted hot spot list. The lake was initially listed as an Area of Concern by the International Joint Commission in 1987 for high levels of mercury and nutrient loading. The recent improvement comes after decades of cleanup efforts.

Mercury levels in hundreds of northern Wisconsin lakes have not improved over the past several years, reports the Associated Press. The high levels of mercury make it dangerous to eat fish caught from those lakes.

Ohio environmental regulators are encouraging state lawmakers to end the practice of dumping silt dredged up from Toledo’s and Cleveland’s harbors into Lake Erie, reports the Associated Press. State officials are researching other potential uses of the dredged silt, such as fertilizer for crops.

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