Strong Support for Clean Water Rule Seen Around the Great Lakes

At the end of May the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers released a long-awaited rule restoring protections under the Clean Water Act. The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition strongly supports this rule. As we take one step forward working to restore the Great Lakes, we can’t afford to take two steps backwards by allowing or ignoring pollution. Recent opinion pieces around the Great Lakes have been underscoring why the clean water protection rule deserves our strong support, why it is needed, and why the Great Lakes need it too.


Ohio: The Akron-Beacon Journal Protect Streams, Protect the Great Lakes


Ohio: The Plain Dealer Don’t Muddy Clean Water Rule: Editorial


Ohio: The Toledo Blade Toward Cleaner Water: The federal Clean Water Act needs to apply to streams and wetlands, as well as lakes and rivers


Wisconsin: The Capital Times Push Hard to Keep Clean Water Rule


Minnesota: Rochester Post-Bulletin Our View: Water Quality Doesn’t Improve with Hyperbole

Prior to the rule’s release, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune weighed in Don’t Let Special Interests Dilute Federal ‘Clean Water Rule.’

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