Implementation Program Offers Hope to Great Lakes Region

The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition is going to help local groups in the Great Lakes region obtain and use funds from the federal Great Lakes Restoration Initiative with a new Implementation Program. The effort will ensure local groups are equipped to manage and complete effective programs with GLRI funds and by so doing, will help ensure sustained support from the federal government to clean up, restore and heal the Great Lakes.

The Implementation Program has chosen five of the most degraded areas in the Great Lakes to focus our efforts with the 2010 round of GLRI funding ($475 million). The areas include:
• Lake Superior: St Louis Bay and St. Louis River
• Lake Michigan: Chicagoland
• Lake Huron: Saginaw Bay
• Lake Erie: Western Lake Erie
• Lake Ontario: Eastern Lake Ontario

“These sites represent some of the many areas across the region that suffer from multiple assaults, including invasive species, toxic chemical pollution, habitat loss and polluted run‐off,” said Michael Murray, Ph.D., staff scientist for the National Wildlife Federation’s Great Lakes office, who convened the panel of science advisors.

The HOW program will be providing $200,000 to help jump-start each of these projects. These priority areas were selected by a panel of Great Lakes scientists because they were in great need yet hold significant promise for success.

“Based on our resources, the coalition cannot be everywhere, but we want to do our part,” said Jill Ryan, executive director of Freshwater Future and co‐chair of the Healing Our Waters‐Great Lakes Coalition. “Our goal is to make sure that restoration projects succeed, so that public officials continue to support solutions to serious problems facing the Lakes, people, businesses and communities. It’s going to take a sustained, multi‐year effort to restore the largest freshwater resource in the world. ”

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One Response to Implementation Program Offers Hope to Great Lakes Region

  1. I am unable to come to your next meeting at the Sage Library because I need to be in Big Rapids to lead a course at FSU. However, I am interested in advancing drinking water research in the Saginaw Bay Watershed (SBW). Currently The Great Lakes Water Research Institute GLWRI) is working with Ferris State University and Delta College in exploring the development of a mobile and fixed location labratory to conduct a comprehensive measurement of water quality in the SBW. An application to the GLRI is in the process of being reviewed. Additional start up funds would be useful if the application has favorable response from the EPA. Pleae contact me to discuss this matter. Thank you,
    Ziggy Kozicki