Great Lakes Triumphs Provide Background Knowledge to Congress

There are plenty of stories in the Great Lakes region that show how successful restoration efforts have been over the years. Today, a number of people are coming to Washington representing a league of success to show Congress what has been done and what can be done with future investments in the Lakes.

The stories that our Congressmen will hear will be of thriving restoration efforts that we would like to see replicated across the Great Lakes region. These informative sessions should enlighten the leadership in Washington so that they can envision what federal investments in our region can produce. The people coming here are the same who wield the shovels “on-the-ground” and can provide the best education to our Representatives as to what works and why it works. The volunteers will be supplying background that will be helpful to lawmakers when they consider appropriations funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

At the end of the week, will publish these restoration success stories so that you too can share the information with anyone who is interested.

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