Final Tally: 49 U.S. House, Senate Members Signal Support for Great Lakes Programs

As we head into the spring and summer appropriations process, the Great Lakes congressional delegation is showing strong bipartisan leadership to maintain funding for restoration programs. Over the last few weeks, 49 U.S. House and Senate members have signed on to letters to federal appropriators urging them to maintain the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative at $300 million.

As the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition’s Policy Director, Chad Lord,  has said:

“The strong support for Great Lakes programs stems from the effective and successful work we’re seeing in communities across the region.”

A letter to U.S. House appropriators garnered 38 signatories from both Republicans and Democrats.

A similar letter to U.S. Senate appropriators on behalf of the Great Lakes Task Force attracted 11-of-16 senators from the region.

The strong show of bipartisan support is a powerful reminder that Great Lakes restoration is less about party affiliation than about the urgent need to act to restore a resource that millions of people depend on for their drinking water, public health, jobs and way of life.

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