EPA: Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Applications far Outpace Available Funds

There’s high demand for fiscal year 2011 Great Lakes Restoration Initiate funds.

The EPA is reporting on its Website that the agency has received 266 applications totaling $124 million – more than three times the $40 million offered for the year.

Many projects, consequently, will not be funded. In the words of Jeff Skelding, who directs the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition:

“There is an incredible amount of work still to do. We urge Congress and the White House to fully fund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. If we cut the funding now, it will only cost more later because all of these projects will only get harder and more expensive the longer we wait.”

A top priority for the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition will be to ensure that Great Lakes programs continue to receive funding. These programs produce results—and it would be foolish to cut funding now when there is so much work to do.

Here’s what the eight Great Lakes states are requesting:

Illinois: $9,748,609
Indiana: $5,692,307
Michigan: $42,979,764
Minnesota: $3,185,387
New York: $8,301,758
Ohio: $23,952,489
Pennsylvania: $2,846,792
Wisconsin: $22,732,811

On the EPA site, you can read short descriptions of projects that are under consideration as part of the EPA’s recent request for applications.

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