We Want a Committment to Save the Lakes and We Want it Now!

Dear Delegates:

The Great Lakes states harbor 141 electoral votes and five potential swing states as well as an unquenched desire to see our Great Lakes restored and our regional economy revived. Both of these goals are achievable if we fully fund and implement legislation fulfilling the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration Strategy.

Now, let us remind you of the power you hold at your convention – 53 percent of the Democrat Party delegates are from Great Lakes states and 35 percent of the Republican Party delegates are from Great Lakes states – over one half and one third respectively – that is power. Please use your voice to ensure that our next president will restore the Great Lakes. What we are asking isn’t difficult either, since both Barack Obama and John McCain have signed a pledge to do just that. Also, don’t forget that Joe Biden, Obama’s pick for Vice President hails from Pennsylvania, a Great Lakes State! Really, this couldn’t be easier.

HOW is also circulating a letter to the Presidential Candidates that urges them to make good on their pledge. We are encouraging any and all to sign this letter to show the candidates how committed we are to this issue. No matter which party you are representing, your candidate will desperately need the votes from our states come November and the surest way to win hearts and minds in these states is to talk about saving our greatest resource, you guessed it, the Great Lakes.

Now please, with all vigor and enthusiasm, go forth and spread the word to anyone who will listen.


The HOW Coalition

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