The First One Hundred

Has it been 100 days already? It sure has and President Barack Obama has come through on many of his Great Lakes promises. Let’s see, he has set aside millions for a Great Lakes Interagency Restoration Initiative, hired Great Lakes lover Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff and he has called for the appointment of a Great Lakes Czar.

Not bad at all. Congress has agreed, so far, with the Presidents funding of the Great Lakes Initiative – that’s good. But we have yet to see the administration appoint this so called Great Lakes Czar – a person who will coordinate the restoration efforts and who we think should be within the Council on Environmental Quality and not the Environmental Protection Agency.

All in all, it looks like the President has used his first days in office to the benefit of the Great Lakes and we are very grateful. Still, we plan to continue in our vigilance until the budget is secure and someone is placed in the coordinators position.

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