In His Own Words

In the last weeks of the 2008 Presidential Election, Barack Obama released a 5-point plan to restore the Great Lakes including investing $5 billion federal dollars. Of course, some people called it pandering to possible swing state voters, but it turns out the latest Obama plan was consistent with his past actions.

Obama was the only presidential candidate to respond to HOW’s invitation to speak at our annual conference in 2007. Obama sent emissary Debra Shore – a local Chicago politician – to deliver a statement he wrote sharing his concerns about the Lakes with us.

He said it’s time to make sure our concerns, those of average Americans, speak louder in Washington than those of high priced lobbyists. He also expressed his support for the Great Lakes Collaboration Implementation Act, before promising, “As president, I will work with you to restore these lakes, which hold a fifth of the world’s surface freshwater, so that they are clean and usable for generations to come.”

Obama has promised to restore the Great Lakes, lets make sure he doesn’t forget that in the weeks and months to come.

To read his entire statement to the HOW conference in 2007, click here:

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