Sen. Gillibrand “on message” for the Great Lakes

Here is a link to a North Country Public Radio story about President Obama’s commitment to Great Lakes Restoration that we understand will be airing on the NPR show Living On Earth.

What struck me most about this story was a short quote from the new junior Senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand. She absolutely nailed the message that investing in Great Lakes restoration will create jobs and grow the economy. The story also mentions that Senator Gillibrand intends to use her new seat on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to fight for Great Lakes Restoration. We look forward to working with you, Senator.

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2 Responses to Sen. Gillibrand “on message” for the Great Lakes

  1. David Sommerstein says:

    Just happened to bump into this looking for something else on your website (I’m the NCPR reporter). Yes, it’ll be on NPR’s Living On Earth this weekend… Check to find out when the show airs on your public radio station… Thanks for the post!

  2. Chris Grubb says:

    Thanks David – Your story did a really nice job of succinctly demonstrating what the Great Lakes Restoration effort is all about and why it matters “on the ground”.