Mark Schauer to Bring Great Lakes into Estuary Program

Michigan Democrat Mark Schauer showed tremendous leadership on Great Lakes issues this week when he included our region in the National Estuary Program. He intends to offer an amendment to HR 4715 that would ensure the Great Lakes are brought into the program and treated equatably. HOW immediatly responded with a letter to Rep. Schauer thanking him for is leadership on this issue and offering the coalition’s support.

So far only coastal marine estuaries have been included in the program. Estuaries are usually places where salt water meets fresh water rivers, but the Great Lakes has plenty of fresh water estuaries that provide habitat for a wide variety of plant and animal life. They also provide a buffer against erosion and protect coastal communities in extreme weather. They are places of recreation as well. By including the Great Lakes in the program we will be able to move closer to our restoration goals. Thanks, Rep. Schauer.

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One Response to Mark Schauer to Bring Great Lakes into Estuary Program

  1. Sandy Bihn says:

    In our area estuaries are referenced in terms of seche effects – where the lake and often bay waters reverse flow and flow for miles back into the rivers.
    In the Great Lakes the role that bays, that are estuaries are, is usually missed.
    Bays have no watershed status – no HUC numbers. NPDES permits are usually combined with the Great Lake they flow to. And the Great Lake is usually lumped for NPDES permit decisions into one masive unit with no discharge distinction for bays and near shore….
    It is great that Rep. Schauer is including the Great Lakes in the estuary regulatory language. Thank you