Kaptur Holds Support On GLLA for District’s Good

Marcy Kaptur, (D-OH) is one of the three Great Lakes Representatives with an Area of Concern in her District who is not co-sponsoring the Great Lakes Legacy Act, but she isn’t doing so because she is opposed to the significant reauthorization but because she is hoping to improve it.

“There are a couple alterations that would improve its approach, but that is not to say that she isn’t supportive of the overall thrust of the bill –if anything it is the opposite – she understands the importance of water quality particularly in communities such as Toledo and other industrial cities to the future of our economic development,” explains Rep. Kaptur’s spokesman Steve Fought.

Rep. Kaptur’s district is home to two troubled AOC’s the Black River, a.k.a “River of Tumors” (due to the large population of fish sporting bulbous red tumors) and the Maumee River. Industrial pollution, farm run-off and excessive residential development have left these rivers in grave repair and the communities surrounding these Lake Erie tributaries are fighting for more help.

“She (Rep. Kaptur) is hoping to make the bill more responsive to some of the tributaries in the watershed here,” explains Fought. “The intent here is to strengthen the bill not to weaken it,” he adds.

To learn more about the Black River AOC, click here.
To learn more about the Maumee River AOC, click here.

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