Great Lakes Thanks, Rep. Norm Dicks

Rep. Norm Dicks

Rep. Norm Dicks

There would be no Great Lakes Restoration Initiative – no $475 million – if it weren’t for a democrat from Washington State: Rep. Norm Dicks. As Chair of the Interior Subcommittee on Appropriations, Rep. Dicks was one of the stars that aligned bringing restoration dollars to the Great Lakes for 2010.

Rep. Dicks has the Puget Sound in his district and knows very well the problems plaguing this great water – many of the same problems our Great Lakes are facing – and he believes it is time to do something about it. At a press conference announcing the launch of a Great Waters Coalition committed to restoring America’s waters including the Great Lakes, Rep. Dicks said, “We need to do this…I pledge my support and commitment to making your efforts successful.”

At the same event, Malia Hale, Director of National Restoration and Water Resources Campaigns for the National Wildlife Federation, thanked Rep. Dicks saying, “It would have been easy for you to focus just on Puget Sound but you haven’t. You’ve focused on all these great waters and we are really appreciative of that.”

And so is the Healing Our Waters Coalition, Rep. Dicks, we thank you for your help in getting the $475 million for restoring our Great Lakes and we look forward to continuing to work with you until these lakes are clean and healthy once more.

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