Doyle’s War

In an economy like this, who needs to spend $200 million a year dealing with destructive invasive species in our fresh water lakes? Wisconsin’s Governor Jim Doyle has had enough. By 2012, Doyle has proposed that all ocean-going vessels clean their ballast water 100 times more stringently than the international standard, according to the Capitol Times.

But wait, it gets even better, under Doyle’s proposal all newly constructed ships that dock in the state’s ports would be required to clean their ballast water 1,000 times more stringently than the international standard by 2013. (New York and Pennsylvania have a similar regulation that will go into effect the same year.)

All the Great Lakes states plan to beef up their regulations to meet or exceed the International Maritime Organization’s standard by 2016. Michigan led the way with a statewide ballast measure two years ago. The states will continue to struggle with this until the federal government creates a national ballast standard that all ships must meet. At Great Lakes day we heard a lot of our lawmakers promising to deal with ballast water this year. Lets make sure it happens!

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