Compact Approved, Next Task: Restoration

Two-thirds of the US House approved the Great Lakes Compact this afternoon with a vote of 390 to 25. Hooray! So, what does it all mean? Of course, it means that the eight Great Lakes states have more control over the Great Lakes. But it also means that when we come together, as one, and tell our leaders that we want to protect and restore the Great Lakes, they will listen.

No lesson could be more valuable and no time more urgent for us to immediately put our efforts into demanding that the US Congress and the next President fully fund restoration of our Lakes and economy. There has been chatter here and there since the collapse of the financial markets late last week that there is no way we can afford a luxury such as cleaning up our drinking water. We are here to tell you, it is not a luxury but a necessity, and remind you that by investing the needed $4 billion a year for five years now (btw, that equals what we spend in six days in Iraq) we will be more than helping the nation’s economy recover.

So, let’s all pull together as one voice again and use this crucial campaign season to make sure they hear us as one voice once more. We are so close….

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