Funding Opportunity: NOAA AOC Land Acquisition Grant

There is a funding opportunity available through the NOAA Great Lakes Areas of Concern Land Acquisition Grants program. The AOC Land Acquisition Grants program provides federal funding for groups to buy or create conservation easements on AOC land. The deadline for proposals is March 6, 2015. More information can be found in the funding announcement or online here, under NOAA -NOS-OCRM-2015-2004312.

The program is focused on funding projects that:

  • Will result in protection of Great Lakes coastal habitat, as well as support future habitat restoration efforts.
  • Are within a U.S. Great Lakes Area of Concern or its associated watershed.
  • Contribute to the removal of either project-based delisting targets or numeric delisting targets for fish and wildlife habitat related beneficial use impairments as described in the target AOC’s Remedial Action Plan.
  • Are endorsed by the Remedial Action Plan (RAP) implementation group to contribute to delisting of either individual beneficial use impairments or the entire AOC.


NOAA defines successful applications as those that:

  • Contribute to the delisting of fish and wildlife habitat-related beneficial use impairments (BUIs) in Great Lakes Areas of Concern.
  • Yield significant ecological benefits.
  • Can be acquired within the award period.
  • Document community benefits such as improved opportunities for recreation, park use, open space, or other tangible community benefits.


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