Funding Opportunity: Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Monitoring

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced a request for applications for their Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Monitoring program. Approximately $10 million may be awarded in one cooperative agreement over a five year period, consisting of incremental funding of about $2 million per year, with funds coming from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The funding is for ongoing monitoring and assessment of Great Lakes coastal wetlands. The deadline to apply is July 31 at 6:00p EST.

Nonfederal governmental entities are eligible to apply for funding, including:

  • state agencies,
  • interstate agencies,
  • Indian tribes,
  • local governments as defined in 40 CFR Section 31.3,
  • institutions of higher learning (i.e., colleges and universities), and
  • non-profit organizations.

More information about the grant and how to apply can be found here.

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