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President Donald Trump, 2016. Photo credit: By Michael Vadon – wikimedia commons.

In 2016 Presidential Election, the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition reached out to all candidates to share the importance of Great Lakes restoration. Over the past seven years, the U.S. Congress has invested more than $2.2 billion to restore the Great Lakes in more than 2,900 local projects tied to a strategy developed and supported by the region’s businesses, industry, conservation leaders, tribes, mayors, states, and state and federal agencies. These projects have restored more than 150,000 acres of fish and wildlife habitat; opened up fish access to more than 3,400 miles of rivers; helped farmers—in combination with other programs—implement conservation programs on more than 1 million acres of rural working lands; and accelerated the cleanup of toxic hotspots by delisting three formerly contaminated sites. In the previous two decades before the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, only one site identified as a toxic hotspot had been delisted.


Ultimately, the coalition secured positive statements from President Trump. You can watch the President’s representative speak in support of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative at our annual conference, here. The President also shared a supportive statement with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:


The Great Lakes contain 20% of all surface freshwater on the planet and are an outstanding and unique natural resource that more than 35 million people in eight states depend on. This would be a tremendous disaster if we let this go to waste. As president, Donald J. Trump will work alongside organizations such as the National Wildlife Foundation to clean up toxic sediments; protect and restore wildlife habitat and wetlands; reduce polluted runoff; halt new invasive species; and stop sewage from contaminating the lakes. In addition, Donald J. Trump will work with Congress to promote effective legislation and ensure the Clean Water Act is upheld.


In December, 2016, the Coalition shared our transition goals for 2017 with the incoming Trump Administration. You can read the press release here. You can read the full transition document here.


The 145-member Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition is asking the Trump Administration to:


  • Fund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative at $300 million to restore fish and wildlife habitat to support outdoor recreation economy; clean up toxic pollution to uphold health and business development; fight invasive species to protect to protect recreational opportunities; and reduce runoff from farm fields and city streets to prevent harmful algal blooms.
  • Fund actions to keep non-native Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes and wreaking havoc on the environment and economy in the region.
  • Invest in the nation’s drinking water and wastewater infrastructure to ensure that every person in the country has access to safe, clean, and affordable water to drink and to recreate in.
  • Uphold the Clean Water Act to ensure that progress in restoring the Great Lakes is not undermined by weakening bedrock laws that have been instrumental to the progress in protecting clean water in urban and rural communities across the Great Lakes region and across the United States.
  • Provide leadership in helping the region meet its commitment to reduce harmful algal blooms in the Great Lakes, such as the 2014 bloom in western Lake Erie that left more than 400,000 people in the Greater Toledo, Ohio, area without safe drinking water for three days.
  • Engage the public in ongoing planning and implementation of Great Lakes restoration efforts to ensure that the benefits of federal restoration efforts reach the diverse people and communities that make up the region.


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