Coalition to hold 2012 Great Lakes Restoration Conference in Cleveland

The Healing Our Waters – Great Lakes Coalition is announcing today that it will hold its 8th annual Great Lakes Restoration conference in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2012.

“We’re excited about returning to Cleveland,” said Jeff Skelding, director of the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition. “Cleveland has been at the center of iconic triumphs and challenges in the effort to restore the Great Lakes—from the comeback of the Cuyahoga River and resurrection of Lake Erie to the proliferation of new threats including invasive species and excessive nutrients. The city offers powerful examples of how restoration programs produce results—and the ongoing work that needs to be done to restore the Lakes before the problems get worse and more costly.”

The 2012 event will mark the second time the coalition has held its annual conference in Cleveland. The event attracts hundreds of conservationists, scientists, elected officials and community leaders. The conference was last held in Cleveland in 2006.

The coalition has not set the dates to the 8th Annual Great Lakes Conference.

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