Individual Asian carp likely in the Great Lakes but expert says there is time to prevent a massive invasion

Asian carp expert Lindsay Chadderton says he is convinced that a small number of live Asian carp are in western Lake Erie and southern Lake Michigan. Despite that dire news, Chadderton said there is still time to prevent the menacing fish from establishing reproducing populations and colonizing the Great Lakes.

Chadderton, who was on a team of scientists at the University of Notre Dame who discovered Asian carp DNA in waters connected to Lake Michigan, said much can be done to keep the fish from swarming the Great Lakes. He said the one thing that must be done is  separating Lake Michigan from the Chicago Waterway System  — a series of manmade canals that link the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River basin.

Chadderton made his comments in an interview with the online magazine Bridge. You may read the interview here.


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