Genesis of Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition

The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition which administers the Healthy Lakes, Healthy Lives public awareness campaign was launched with the generous support of the Wege Foundation and Peter Wege, a Michigan philanthropist and former CEO of Steelcase Inc.

Since its inception in 1968, the Wege Foundation has supported a number of causes, including the environment, education, health care and community development.

In May 2004, the Foundation helped to convene a meeting of more than 70 leading environmentalists, ecologists, scientists and academicians. During the two-day summit, these leading conservationists worked together to outline a plan for restoring and protecting America’s greatest freshwater resource, the Great Lakes.

That conference and the ensuing report that came out of it—“Healing Our Waters: An Agenda for Great Lakes Restoration”—provided the inspiration to form an unprecedented coalition, whose mission was to push for a comprehensive plan to restore the Great Lakes and the federal funding needed to implement it.

Learn more about the formation of the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition:

Read about the formation of the coalition in the following news releases:

Read the 2004 report, “Healing Our Waters: An Agenda for Great Lakes Restoration,” either in full, or download the individual chapters of the report:

  • The Vision [2.3MB PDF] The driving force behind this initiative.
  • The Backdrop [372KB PDF] Our magnificent Great Lakes.
  • The Process [532KB PDF] How the agenda was developed.
  • The Important Federal Role [532KB PDF] Why the federal government needs to act now.
  • The Agenda [1.2MB PDF] A plan for restoring and preserving our Great Lakes.
  • Background [1.9MB PDF] Detailed recommendations.
  • The Next Step [360KB PDF] The need for a larger, cooperative effort.
  • Participants [2.5MB PDF] Leaders who participated in the development of the recommendations.
  • Acknowledgements [604KB PDF] Special thanks to those who helped make the report a reality.

You can also read about the ad campaign.

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One Response to Genesis of Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition

  1. Steve Lewis says:

    I’m on the board of Lake Michigan P.O.W.E.R. Coalition (Protect Our Water, Economics & Resources) recently formed to battle a 100 square mile wind power plant, comprising 100-200 wind turbines, proposed by Scandia for the waters off Mason and Oceana Counties. I’m interested in knowing if HOW has taken, or plans to take, a position on wind power plants in the great lakes (or on the Scandia proposal in particular,) and if so what that position is. Any information you can provide will be appreciated very much.

    Thank you,

    Steve Lewis