About The Great Lakes Photos

This site contains the images and stories from the 2007 Healing Our Waters Coalition Great Lakes Story and Photo Contest. This site is as easy and sending an email to the HOW Coalition staff.

  • Read more about the HOW Coalition and the critical need for the restoration of Great Lakes ecosystem.
  • Read the Congressional Watch blog for the detail on the governmental support for the Great Lakes Restoration

While the contest has yet to be repeated, we do welcome submissions of your great lakes stories and photos that you would like to share. Submissions are not entered into any contest, but are greatly appreciated to demonstrate the support for the restoration of the Great lakes ecosystem’

We Welcome Your Photos, Videos and Stories

Your photos, videos and stories provide are powerful items to support our campaign to bring attention to the vital need for the restoration of the Great lakes environment. Please feel free to submit your photos, videos and stories for use in our campaign.

We welcome photos, videos and stories and acknowledge the submitter at all times.

  • Videos – If submitting videos we request that they be posted to YouTube or another service and that you send us the video link.
  • Photos may be sent as high-res images or send us your Flickr or other site link to be placed in a post.
  • Stories are requested as text suitable for placing in a blog post.

Submit your items by email to:

Items may be submitted by mail to:
Healing Our Waters Coalition Stories and Photos
National Wildlife Federation
213 W. Liberty St. #200
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1398

Submit your entry by email to: lubetkin@nwf.org.

Note: By submitting your photos you are permitting the Healing Our Waters Coalition unrestricted use of the stories and images in the operations of the Coalition’s efforts and campaigns. All items are utilized n accordance with our privacy policy, if this submissions on behalf of a child then it is very important that the parent or guardian provides their permission.

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